A Guide to Maximizing Your Car Accident Settlement Offer

car accident settlement offer

One day, you’re driving to work when–BOOM! You’ve been hit by another vehicle.

Now you’re burdened with physical pain, medical expenses, and emotional suffering. We’re here to tell you that you deserve compensation for your damages.

And we can help.

We’ll assist you with filing a claim and fighting the at-fault party’s insurance company. 

You may wonder, though, What is your car accident injury settlement worth? What’s a common settlement amount for a car accident? And how can you increase your settlement offer?

Continue reading this guide to learn everything you need to know about a car accident settlement offer.

Common Settlement Amount for Car Accidents

Your first question might be, “What is an average car accident settlement amount?” 

That’s a logical starting point, but the answer isn’t as clear. The truth is, each case is different, so it can be challenging to determine a typical car accident settlement. 

As a basic rule of thumb, though—a higher settlement amount usually means that the accident and damages are catastrophic or result in death. Meanwhile, lower amounts typically denote a minor accident.

The amount the insurance company will offer you depends on various factors, perhaps the most significant being how severe your car accident injuries are. Other components include medical bills, lost wages, and any emotional damages you suffered.

Fault also plays a large part in settlement amounts. For example, if you were partially at fault for the accident, the insurance company may offer you a small settlement amount.

Types of Damages You Can Recover

You can recover two main categories of damages after an accident: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include any monetary losses you suffered due to the car accident. This can include medical expenses, future medical care, and lost wages. For example, if you can’t work due to your injuries, you can recover compensation for the wages you lost.

Non-economic damages are burdens you experience that don’t have a monetary value assigned to them. Some examples of this include pain, emotional trauma, loss of quality of life, and inconvenience.

Your settlement offer should reflect both economic and non-economic losses you suffered due to the car accident.

How to Increase Your Car Accident Settlement Offer

Here are some steps you can take to maximize your offer.

Collect Evidence

If you’re able to, collect evidence from the accident scene. Take pictures and videos of your car, the other party’s car, and your injuries. Record what happened while it’s still fresh in your mind. If there are any witnesses, gather their contact information. Finally, make sure the police come and create an accident report, which you can use as evidence.

If you have evidence that proves your damages, your lawyer can use it to improve your car accident case and maximize your compensation amount.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if the accident was minor, it is essential to seek medical attention. Sometimes adrenaline masks injuries. Other times, injuries don’t show up for days or weeks after the crash. A doctor can examine you to determine the extent of your injuries. Also, going to the doctor provides you with a medical report that explains your damages.

Proving that you were injured due to the accident acts as critical evidence. You can use this proof to increase your settlement offer.

Talk to an Attorney

The best way to make sure you get the compensation you deserve is to talk to a car accident attorney. Personal injury lawyers are your legal advocates and will fight to ensure the insurance company pays out. They will collect evidence, file a car accident claim, and talk to the insurance company for you. 

If the insurance company suggests an unsatisfactory offer, your lawyer will try to negotiate a higher amount. And in the event that the insurance company refuses to give you the compensation you need, your lawyer will help you file a personal injury lawsuit and represent you in court.

Meanwhile, here are some actions you should avoid to improve your car accident settlement offer:

  • Do NOT talk to the other insurance company
  • Do NOT admit fault or apologize for your actions
  • Do NOT post about your accident on social media
  • Do NOT take the insurance company’s first offer

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Most car accident claims can be overwhelming. All you want to do is recover and return to a normal life, but now you have to worry about fighting the insurance company only to get an insulting settlement offer.

At DP Injury Attorneys, we will handle the work for you. It angers and saddens us that so many car accident victims don’t get the compensation they deserve. So we’re here to maximize your car accident settlement offer while you focus on recovery. Don’t take less than what you deserve. Call a car accident lawyer instead.

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident recently, call DP Injury Attorneys. We will stand by your side and fight for your rights.

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